1940s Glamour – Betty Grables Legs

Actress legs achieve landmark stature –

Life Magazine -June 1943


Other actresses with handsome legs have gone far, but Betty Grable has made the leg a national landmark.

Betty-Grable-Legs 1943

At Grauman’s Chinese Theater recently, instead of the traditional signature, Betty doodled a drawing of her legs instead. She is the US forces number one pin-up girl. Her legs can be seen on US submarines, destroyers, tanks, bombers, fighter planes. They are the great average American legs.


Straight, perfectly rounded and shaped.
Bettys legs have been the pillar of her career – in fact her legs made it in front of the camera before the rest of her, when she got work for hosiery firms not so many years ago.

Betty-Grable-Legs 1943

But now, as a recognised talented actress, Betty can afford to have a laugh and make a joke of it.
“I enjoy the fame they seem to have garnered,” she declares.” As for being the average American legs, I guess they do their job fair enough. they get me into the shower in the morning, to the car to get to work, and into a pair of nylons for the days first shoots.”

Betty-Grable-Legs 1943

That’s all!

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