Vintage Makeup School – Eyebrow Tests 1932

1930s Eyebrow Makeup tests –


Vintage makeup reportCarolyn Van Wyck

NOTHING will revive your interest in yourself like a change of eyebrows, but be sure of what you’re doing. For a safe home test equip yourself with a pointed eyebrow pencil and cold cream, not the liquefying kind. First emphasise the inner lines, up, down, straight.
Study the effects carefully. If none of these changes pleases you, blot out your nornal brows with the cream, or with foundation if you prefer and then experiment away.
Here are three excellent studies in Madge Evans, Anita Page and Joan Marsh.
Madge has a normal and very sympathetic brow. Anita’s rise too abruptly at the inner corners. Joans brows are a little too heavy for her fair hair coloring. Now go ahead for that new thrill !

1932 -Eyebrows---Marlene-Dietrich
1932 -Eyebrows—Marlene-Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich is probably the only girl in pictures who can be charming with bird-wing brows. Romantic, yes, with Marlene’s amazing eyes, but something for most of us to avoid !

1932 Eyebrows—Kay-Francis

Kay Francis’ brows are well shaped and just dark and sweeping enough for her long eyes. Notice that her lid space is the same at both ends, a departure in brow styles !

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A Photoplay Original from May 1932.
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