‘Sassoon Cut’ Triplets – New York 1964

New York triplets import Vidal Sassoon –


Christina, Katha and-Megan Dees – The Sassoon-Cut Triplets-Nina-Leen 1964

Curled and puffed-up hair is out, and the smooth-and-sleek retro bobbed look is in. To make triply sure everybody gets the message straight, from London, here are the Dees sisters of New York.


The Dees sisters photographed by Nina Leen in 1956

The Dees Triplets were featured some 9 years ago in Life Magazine the day they cut their hair short and started trying NOT to look alike.


Now 19, the triplet sisters Christina, Katha and Megan Dees ( left to right above) are back from Europe with identical eye-obscuring hairdos by London’s Vidal Sassoon – which they like so much that they are willing to sacrifice individuality.


The girls have enjoyed being three-of-a-kind again so much, that they teamed up once more with photographer Nina Leen, who had first snapped them when they were just 11 years old.


Now teamed with some stylish American outfits, the bobbed hairdos worn with pleated skirts and low heeled shoes really do hark back to the gamine looks of the 1920s, but with a very modern twist.


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Originally publishes in Life Magazine 1964