Modernizing Vintage Hair and Makeup

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Stunning-hair-look-from-our-modern-vintage-hair-workshop-by-Katie Campbell
Model Natasha rocking the faux fringe

It really is the ultimate ‘finishing school’ for wannabe hair and make-up artists. Founded by the internationally acclaimed Makeup Artist Dani Guinsberg, the school also boasts such luminaries as Julie Jacobs, Amanda Bell, Glenis Baptiste, Christopher Sweeney, Mariam Jensen, Guiseppe Bulzis and Katie Campbell, whose collective work can be seen gracing the glossy pages of British Vogue, British Elle, Teen Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar,Glamour and French and British Marie Claire, the list goes on and on.

Stunning-hair-look-from-our-modern-vintage-hair-workshop-by-Katie Campbell
Modern Vintage Beehive

Just finished at The Session School, a “Modernizing vintage Hair and Make-up” workshop and we’re featuring some photos taken over the two days of the session run by vintage make-up and hairstylist Katie Campbell !
Katie lives and breathes Vintage and her wealth of knowledge was on display.

Auditioning-a-1960s-girl-group—heads-need-only-apply – Katie Campbell

The aim of the workshop is to teach young artists to harness their creative skills to create “modern versions” for fashion, bridal and beauty.

This entry won a place on the workshop !

The school based in London was established in 2008 and whatever your arena, you’ll certainly come off the better after attending their courses.

Modern Vintage is a trend that is apparently here to stay and with the rapid increase in popularity of vintage styles in recent years, in movies, as well as on the street; any makeup or hair stylist worth their salt is going to want to learn all the old secrets as well as how to apply that “modern twist” to their efforts.


From modernising the 1920s flapper smokey eye look, to modernising the perennial 1950s cat eyes makeup and enhanced lips look. Adding modern touches to old favourites like the 1940s wartime Victory Rolls to a twist and shaking of the classic 1960s Beehive hairdo.


Over this recent course, topics covered included the 1920s eye makeup, the 1950s feline flick, 1960s Twiggy eyes, Old-Hollywood waves, Pin-up curls and Bettie Paige fringe/bangs, and the aforementioned beehives and victory rolls.



Visit the Session School website to find a course suitable for your aspiring skills and thanks to Georgina Dodds for bringing the school to our attention.

That’s all !

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