1940s Beauty Guide – Exercises for the Bust

Beauty or Bust – 1940s style ! –

From Makeup & Beauty – A 1940s Guide
( compiled by Hollywood make-up gurus Ern and Bud Westmore)

The female bosom has always been a symbol of health and beauty.
The shape, size, firmness and erectness of the breasts, also their relation to the size and contour of the body are all taken in to account when a woman is appraised for her charm and beauty. By strengthening the supporting muscles, exercise can cause the breasts to be held more erectly and carried more proudly, thus greatly enhancing the entire personality. Moreover, the improvement in general health, resulting from deep breathing and chest expansion that exercise promotes, is often reflected in the appearance of the breasts.
Properly made and correctly fitted brassieres can greatly improve the appearance of ones breasts too.

Here are three simple daily exercises that every woman shoud know


Clasp hands firmly as shown above then try and draw them apart so that breast muscles become tense. Hold to a count of three. Relax and repeat!


Take position shown above, hands clasped and held back as far as possible. Now tense your breast muscles by trying to draw your hands apart. Hold to a count of three and then repeat !


Using a stick, or even a simple ruler, take the position shown above. Tense your arm and breast muscles, then raise slowly and then down to the back of your head, endeavoring to touch the floor with back of the hands. Hold to a count of three. Relax and repeat.

Do these daily and your bust should remain firm and upright !

That’s all !

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