100 best Internet video tutorials – Vintage 1969 Makeup Film

Glamourdaze video featured in German top 100 tutorials –

Late news – if it’s pleasant to hear – is still good news, and we only learned of Glamourdaze’s inclusion last July / August in a unique German exhibition of online video tutorials. Our popular 1969 makeup tutorial film was nominated. Below are some promotional shots of the exhibition and some stills of our film.


You can read more about that particular exhibition – entitled Jetzt helfe ich mir selbst (Now I Can Help Myself) – The 100 best Internet video tutorials.


The Hartware MedienKunstVerein (HMKV) who presented the exhibition – is a platform for the “production, presentation, and communication of contemporary and experimental art.” The aim of the project is to help bring about a unique “understanding of the multi-layered social, political, economic, and ecological conditions prevailing today”.


And now – you can watch the film – Vintage 1969 Makeup Tutorial !

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