Grace Kelly | The Woman with the Golden Ratio Face

Grace Kelly’s Perfect Face Close Up

Grace Kelly - a face with the Golden Ratio of beauty

The Famous Close-up of Grace Kelly in Rear Window 1954, matches the Golden Ratio Mask. as invented by Stephen Marquardt. In other wards her features displays ( almost) the perfect proportioned face  – or 1.618:1 ( called Phi) for the nerds among us.

Lauren-Bacall---a face with the Golden Ratio of beauty
Lauren-Bacall – a face with the Golden Ratio of beauty

And Miss Kelly had a slightly square face – not an oval one, which one usually assumes is the best shape of face to have! Other old movie stars of the golden era of Hollywood, who fit the golden ratio include Lauren Bacall, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Munroe and Carole Lombard.


“We believe that it is not strictly an image of “beauty” – but actually an image of humanness” says Marquardt, whose team constructed the mask using mathematics from the Golden Decagon Matrix.

Not only the geometric source code for DNA, but also the source of “attractiveness”

Marilyn-Munroe - a face with the Golden Ratio of beauty

“The key to our perception of human beauty lies in how closely one’s features reflect Phi, the golden ratio of 1.618:1.”
Marquart also points out that with the application of make-up, you can create the illusion that your face closely approximates the Golden Ratio mask.
Regardless of your sex – the more your face matches the mask – the more attractive it is to all humans.

Does your face have the Golden ratio?

The Golden Ratio Mask - transparency
The Golden Ratio Mask – transparency

By downloading the transparency image here, and placing it over a frontal view photo of your self, mouth closed if possible and reasonably expressionless.

You might be pleasantly surprised at how ‘attractive’ you really are, but regardless of this, as Stephen Marquardt points out – it can help guide you in applying make-up to create the “illusion” of the perfect face , or to help guide you towards cosmetic surgery.

Follow the MBA s own Golden Ratio Mask  instructions.

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