The Art of Besame Cosmetics – Feature

A behind the scenes film on the world of Besame makeup –


Watch this great new film feature on the world of Besame Cosmetics. You get to meet the family behind the business, their passions and even some of their secrets. You get to see the production and research that goes into realising these gorgeous makeup products.

“My products I feel make ladies feel really special – kinda old Hollywood. They look forward to using them, they really make them feel like a lady”

“The name Besame – means kiss me in Spanish!”

Gabriela Hernandez – the founder of Besame Cosmetics originally hails from Argentina and she has always cited her Grandmother as her inspiration. ” She would never go out with out her lipstick on, so my mission was to make makeup a ritual that brings you pleasure and joy, instead of it being a chore.”

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Thanks to Gabriela’s family – it’s a team effort. ” I work with my husband and my daughter who are both very much involved”

Fergus looks after the production side of things. ” Working together is a joy,” says Fergus ” when we get to see the face of a customer, when she finds that color that she has been looking for – that really is a joy”


Gabriela’s daughter Melinda gives the business the young girls perspective and clearly shares her mums passion. When she gets out of school, she explains, she’s straight in there !

” My passion is really color!” explains Gabriela ” and I express that through my lipsticks and the products we make – we’re color detectives !”


What is the ethos of Besame Cosmetics?


Gabriela is often seen rummaging through vintage stores for inspiration for packaging and of course the all important makeup ingredient for Besame – color ! “The colors were good in the past,” says Gabriela ” so the key is to find the color that is the most flattering to an individual, so that when she finds it, she really doesn’t need that many products”


Unlike other cosmetic brands, Besame do a lot of red shades, which truly evokes the 1940s era. They are always seeking the new holy grail of redd to add to their already mouth watering range.
To the casual eye the most standout feature about their products is the vintage style packaging.
Perhaps the true secret of the success of Besame Cosmetics is that when you look at their products, it is quite hard tell if its new or vintage.


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