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When a Hollywood beauty, and the foremost beauty expert get together – you can pick up some real pointers. Max Factor and Carole Lombard dish out the tips in 1935.

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“Nothing on earth can give a woman confidence and that grand inner happiness like a little exterior decoration!” Carole Lombard says with a demure smile.” nothing except love of course!” she adds with laughter.
“But romance depends on beauty. And I don’t mean the sort of beauty that has become an applied art! Naturally – it takes concentration – but personally I feel that there are just five points to observe if you want to improve your appearance – cleanliness, charm, cosmetics, color harmony and avoiding extremes!”


When I first came to Hollywood – it seemed to me that women were very much under the control of their lighting and cameramen – and with early chromatic film, they had to endure all sorts of dreadful muck being applied to their faces so that they would seem appealing to the camera eye. Those days are thankfully over and many of the top actresses – Miss Lombard included, have drawn a line in the sand and have taken over their beauty regimes – which include what cosmetics they choose to wear on and off screen – and quite rightly.

Carole is quite right here – she has named for you the five key points of attractiveness.

1. Cleanliness – to a child it may mean only soap and water and a quick wash behind the ears – usually under protest, but to the smart woman of 1935 – it has a far different meaning. it implies cared for skin and hair, groomed hands and feet, personal neatness. Did you know that your own skin has its automatic beauty oils which protect it against the elements? Very often however the supply of natural oil is in short supply – if you have Caucasian skin especially.


Carole – who adores winter sports and outdoor activity in all weathers explains her method of giving nature a helping hand.
” Long ago I discovered there was a simple solution to keeping my skin perfect in all four seasons – a combination of sleep and at least seven glasses of water daily!
Look on the water you drink as a sort of internal bath!”

So much for the ‘inside’ – next it’s a matter of the creams you use. There are certain creams that almost every Hollywood actress uses consistently. A cleansing cream that melts into your skin and needs no massaging – by cleansing every morning and night – you are half way to loveliness already !


But what about during the day? If you knew there was something that would give your make-up a more natural, vividly beautiful look and serve to protect your skin from the elements to boot – then there is only one thing to use – foundation cream!
In a shade that is made to tone in with your own skin and with the powder you use

2. Charm – Now comes Carole’s second point. That elusive quality that brings out good looks like a hidden ray of light. I’m inclined to agree with my friend, Maurice Chevalier, that feminine charm is the loveliest thing on Earth. And guess what? – if you’re a girl, then the market is wide open to you!
According to Chevalier – the basis for it is – gentleness. So check up now on your charm equipment – how is your smile today? Are you pleasant to everyone?
Carole is a case in point – i have never known her to be in a bad mood, or to scowl. Her charm has bedazzled a nation because of its genuineness.

3. Cosmetics –


Here is what Carole Lombard lists:
1. The three creams – cleansing, moisturising, foundation
2. Skin freshener
3.Two lipsticks – one for day wear and a bright red one for night.
4.Two rouge compacts – one for day and a more vivid one for night.
5.Two boxes of powder – one for day and one for night.
6.Make-up blender for arms and shoulders.
7. Eye shadow
8. Eyebrow pencil
9. Eyelash mascara.

Max-Factor-Makeup-Kit – 1935

Just the essentials – Carole does not believe in waste.
She shares a little tip on eyelash mascara application that I see no reason to dispute.
” I’ve heard complaints from many of my friends who way they can nver get their eyelash cream on without daubing it. The problem – not being able to keep their eyelids still. My solution is to open my mouth wide while applying it – it tightens the muscles of the face!”

4. Color Harmony – I wonder if you girls realise the utter importance of that phrase? You wouldn’t think of wearing a bright red sweater and a yellow hat with a purple dress! But I’ve seen girls with vivid true-red rouge on their cheeks, plum colored lipstick and yellow tinted powder! It’s as bad if not worse – because they’re deliberately destroying their natural ‘face value’ So be careful.

Carole-Lombard gets some rouge tips from Max Factor

5. Avoiding extremes – that is the fashionable woman’s sure path to good taste. There is never, for example, any beauty in a white masked face with a brilliantly red slash mouth. Nor is there in hair twisted into exotic styles. Carole’s headdress is an exceptionally good one that is becoming to any number of girls.”

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