Besame Cosmetics – Vintage America Show

Gabriela Hernandez features in pilot vintage era show –


The vivacious, multi-talented Ginger Pauley – the vintage girl – put together this very professional pitch for a vintage television show for the networks. Amongst others – she interviews Gabriela Hernandez in her Besame Cosmetics salon in Burbank California. Watch the full feature. It’s a great idea – visit Ginger’s Facebook page, share and help get this idea on home screens!


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  1. Great write-up! Very glad to find this site, it’s a great resource. I wanted to let people know that Vintage America with Ginger has a Facebook page here: I’m Ginger’s producing partner, and together we post news on how the show’s pitch is going (but not too much, it’s supersecret stuff!) and links of interest to people who love vintage. Ginger also has a Twitter account where she frequently posts photos of gigs she’s at, either as an actress or with her band, Ginger and the Hoosier Daddys: Thanks for spreading the word, and wish us luck! We hope to have some exciting news very soon…

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