1940’s Hairstyle – How to do a Hair Roll in 60 seconds

Create a 1940’s Hairstyle in 60 Seconds. Tia Semer of Glamour Daze shows you another neat 1940s hairstyle trick. How to do a hair roll in 60 seconds.

1940s hairstyles - how to do a 1940s hair roll in 60 seconds

You can watch the How to do a Hair Roll in 60 seconds video.

12 Steps to a 1940’s Hair Roll

1940s hair roll in 60 seconds

1.You’ll need – a comb, pomade,4 bobby pins.

1940s hair roll in 60 seconds

2.Section the hair where you want your roll to be.

1940s hair roll - parting

3.The parted section can be rectangular or triangular

1940s hair roll in 60 seconds - combing

Comb the section through until smooth

1940s hair roll in 60 seconds - teasing

5. Gently backcomb / tease the hair

1940s hair roll in 60 seconds - apply pomade

6. Apply pomade / anti-frizz product

1940s hair roll - twist

7. Slightly twist the ends, and loop this around your thumb.


8. Keeping your thumb in place, use the fingers of your opposite hand to toll the hair toward your scalp


9. Hold the roll in place and secure with two bobby pins


10. Smooth over with a comb


11. Insert remaining bobby pins, adding more if necessary, until your roll is secure against your scalp.


12. Accent the opposite side with a hair comb, if desired


The finished 1940’s hair roll look

That’s all !

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