1930s Fashion – Screen Stars show their glamour

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1930’s Fashion report from Hollywood.

for Glamour Daze from Carolyn Van Wycks in 1937 –


Virginia Bruce.

For Spring days and city streets Virginia Bruce chooses a pne-piece frock of wood green wool crepe. A brown velvet belt is put firmly in its place by a gargantuan safety pin of dull gold. The hat matches the dress, and bag and belt and shoes are brow. Virginia Bruce is a featured player for MGM.


Claudette Colbert.

Fine shades of early Summer colors, – primrose, chalk pink, powder blue, pale beige – are used by both the Hollywood designer and the French voutourier for the light-over-dark jackets of restaurant and race ensembles. For Paris in the Spring, Claudette Colbert ( Paramount) would wear this costume in the pesage of Longchamps or for luncheon at the Ritz!

Olivia De Havilland.

Portrait of a young lady – Olivia de Haviland of Warner Brothers wears a black taffeta evening gown. the bodice is shirred under rosebuds; brief sleeves are edged with a narrow turning of embroidered batiste and tier on tier of batiste divide the front.


Miriam Hopkins

Above and beyond time and the tides of fashions is the portrait gown worn by Miriam Hopkins in “Woman Chases Man”. It was chosen by the editors of Glamourdaze because of how it evokes the enduring glamour and beauty of 1930s Hollywood Fashion. It might have come from the opulent palette of Renoir.

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