1930’s Fashion – Hollywood Beauty Tricks 1

The Hollywood Beauty Shop – by Carolyn Von Wyck.

The latest 1930s makeup and hairstyle tricks of the stars from June 1932.

Florine-McKinney -1930s hairstyle
Florine-McKinney -1930s hairstyle

Florine McKinney, exponent of brushing the hair for beauty, shows you the proper brush to use. The left brush has deep, flexible bristles that will penetrate the hair, cleanse it, polish it. A plain wooden back is more advisable than silver, however. The right brush is too shallow and harsh. Separate the hair into strands; hold upward from scalp, brush upward ten times, wiping the brush to remove dust and oil. For satiny beauty rub two drops of brilliantine on the brush, and smooth your hair into natural lines.


A study in personality – Miriam Hopkins, laughing siren of the screen. Contemplative, speculative, mouth too firm, eyes that see through you and beyond, all appeal masked by a curtain of reserve.
The tense mood is vanishing. A glow in the eyes, dawn of a smile on the lips. You’d like this girl if she’d just laugh. Laughter in the young brings down the brows, elongates the eyes, lifts the mouth .Now all reticence is swept away. Miriam laughs unreservedly. Her charm is intensified. Perhaps your face would become radiant, vivacious with laughter. Perhaps it would transform you into a new, exciting person. Try laughing !

Oiled eyelids!


Marian Marsh is exhibiting a new vogue – oiled eyelids. A tiny bit spread evenly over the lids gives that dewy softness of childhood yet makes you appear interestingly languid. Use brilliantine, facial oil or white Vaseline with or without eyeshadow. If shadow is used, follow the upper lash line, then oil the lid completely. The oil also protects the delicate tissue above the eye.


A kindergarten lesson in the use of compacts by Alice White. ” Press your compact puff against the skin instead of rubbing it. Your face will look lovelier and you will be doing your skin a kindness.” Remember Alice’s advice girls. Alice’s new compact is of wood with gold hinges and A.W. engraved on top.


These laughing lips belong to Bebe Daniels, in case you haven’t guessed. Bebe advises using a creamy lipstick which, in addition to coloring, gives a lush softness to the mouth. If your favorite stick does not do this, apply the tiniest bit of cream after rouging.

Change your hairdress often!

Here is an interesting head to study if you contemplate that summer permanent. Adrienne Ames‘ lustrous hair has been waved in a charmingly irregular manner so that the full beauty of her hair is brought into high relief and shadow.


There is a side part with simple waves, then a decided curve over both cheeks. The sides are shorter than the back, which is about four inches long, justenough to turn upward in that double roll. This is a versatile arrangement. You may have a double roll, single roll or twirl this back hair into separate curls. And with permanents in mind let me tell you that one of the newest methods has eliminated that tied-to-the-machine idea altogether. You sit calmly, unattached to anything, while mysterious little discs and rolls make your curls.This method saves time and is very gentle on the hair, I understand .


What amazing wonder a change in coiffure will make! Two views of a new headdress Ann Harding will show in “Westward Passage. How do you like Ann with those waves and twin forehead dips? At first glance I did not know her. There is an inspiring note, however, in these transforming pictures. When you are a little weary of yourself, when life is not on tip-toes for you, try a change in coiffure, in make-up, in clothes. And in so doing change your outlook on life.
A slight change in eyebrows, a new shade of lipstick, a touch of eye shadow, a fresh permanent!These are the magic wands by which Prince Charming often enters. Change in self is usually refreshing and inspiring.

Originally published in Photoplay – 1932
Many thanks to The Media History Project – for sourcing,scanning and preserving these wonderful articles.

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