Clara Bow Makeup Tutorial | 1920’s Hollywood

Clara Bow Makeup Tutorial – 1920’s Hollywood


A quirky no nonsense 1920s makeup video tutorial from Courtney Bes Green. I think this girl has really nailed the Clara Bow makeup and hair look.
She really resembles her at the finish. “I started by pin curling my hair – not especially neat – as Clara Bows hair is quite fluffy, and I used very small sections of 1 cm to 2 cm .”

  • Prime and moisturize your skin.
  • Thick coverage of foundation followed by skin concealer to get that pale skin look.
  • Next Courtney uses a technique called ‘soaping the brow’ to conceal her eyebrows. [ there are other methods of wiping out your eyebrows on YouTube tutorials but Courtney’s method does seem very simple – she has a link in this video to another tutorial on how to do this]
  • To create that 1920s Eye Makeup look – Courtney then uses dark brown eye shadow to go with her green eyes.
  • Courtney then draws in new eyebrows – starting before her tear duct and extending way out beyond her natural brow end for that wide eyed 1920’s look.
  • Mascara is then applied.
  • Courtney then ‘contours’ her cheeks to get that small Clara Bow face look.
  • Lipstick – Clara had small defined lips so it’s a cupid bow look for the lips. Courtney opts for a plum lip liner and lipstick.
  • Finally – a MAC liquid liner to define and complete the brows. The hair is fluffed up and ….
  • Voila – Clara Bow ! Well done Courtney!


Courtney finishes up by recreating the iconic 1920’s turban of Clara Bow.


All Images © Courtney bes green

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