1940s Style Make-up Application

1940s Style Make-up Application  – Vintage guides to download

Become the 1940s glamour pinup of your dreams!
The famous Westmore’s were Hollywood beauty kings in their day and when they published their make-up secrets in magazines across
the US – women eagerly scanned them to pick up the latest Hollywood trade secret!

The classic 1940s look was out and out glamour with pouting full redder than red lips, prominent eyebrows and luscious long hair, often tied up in war-time up-dos ! It was a period of considerable hardship and austerity – especially in Europe and as women made do and mended their clothes, they also learned many little tricks to enhance their femininity.

The key word was glamor, and women sought after it with verve. This very detailed book is a goldmine of 1940s beauty culture and you’ll feel like a graduate in 1940s beauty techniques after reading it. Women turned lipstick into a symbol of feminine resilience in the face of great danger. This became a symbol that would help improve both the morale of the women wearing lipstick and of course the male soldiers who regularly received famous ‘lipstick kisses’ in their letters from home.

Natural beauty explained, Glamour defined, Glamour as a style of thought !
1.How to look younger in just one hour !
2.How to have the perfect skin, before applying the perfect 1940s make-up look.
3.What is glamour?

4.How to restore beauty to an aging face.
5.Introduction to glamour
6.Important hairstyling do’s and don’ts
7.The correct way to apply lipstick.
8.Lovely hands
9.Correct eye shaping.
and so much more

Make-up and Beauty – A 1940s guide will be a true companion to any 1940s beauty enthusiast .It’s a real treasure trove of ideas and such a trip back in a time machine of vintage loveliness.Treat yourself or your best girl friend.
If you are interested in other vintage makeup eras – then you’re in luck !
You can also get the massive Vintage Make-up Guide Bundle, which includes all the 1920s 1930s,1940s and 1950s gui

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