1920s Style Make-up Application – Vintage guides to download

1920s Make-up Application Techniques – Original guide for download.

A rare vintage 1920s beauty guide with instructions on the makeup application techniques of the flapper era.
You’ll adore it.

It’s a beautifully illustrated and restored e-book from an original beauty guide for women from 1925 by wealth socialite Marjorie Oelrichs.Packed with feminine advice for young ladies in an era of liberation for women.


A pleasure to browse for any vintage beauty fanatic, and an important record of feminine ideals of the 1920s era.
You’ll learn many 1920s beauty hints for flappers being dished out amongst those in the know:

1.What is your beauty type?
2.Make your arms and hands beautiful
3.Find the correct make-up for your color type.
4.Corrective make-up tips
5.The Perfect 1920s Face
5.Caring for and dressing your 1920s hairstyle.

and so much more.


Any self respecting Modern day retro flapper will this girlish book !

Treat yourself this Christmas or a flapper friend to a little treasure chest of female wisdom from the glorious age
of the 1920s.


If you are interested in other vintage makeup eras – then you’re in luck !
You can also get the massive Vintage Make-up Guide Bundle, which includes all the 1920s 1930s,1940s and 1950s guides. A real bargain!

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