Vintage Life – A must have magazine for retro fashion lovers


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Vintage Life – The must have little magazine for vintage loving girls.

If you’re a woman who is convinced she’s a 1920s flapper, a 1930s starlet, a 1940s bombshell, a 1950’s pinup. In other wards if you suffer from that oddly perplexing yet mightily addictive condition known as vintage fixation and believe you were born in the wrong era – gosh –  you even buy magazines that were printed 50 years ago to get the ‘latest fashion news’ – well then it is clearly serious – very serious.
There are many forms of treatment, but I’m going to suggest one which has no harmful side effects. It’s called Vintage Life – it’s a UK based magazine, a guide, a little friend that fits snugly in your bag to reassure you on a rainy day.

Here are just some reasons that Glamourdaze recommends Vintage Life.

  • As already stated – Vintage Life Magazine is small – so it will fit nicely in your 1940s handbag.


  • It’s colorful ! – packed to the brim with beautiful styles from glamorous fashion eras of the past.


  • It’s educational ! – a great beauty, make-up and hair section in every issue. In the recent summer issue for example ; learn what to pack in your retro suitcase when going on holiday; create a flawless makeup look that doesn’t melt horribly off your face the moment you emerge in to the sun ; turn heads on the beach in that perfect vintage swimsuit !

Images – Suelanphotography and CJ Shutterspeed

  • It’s tasty ! – oodles of naughty recipes – yummy cupcakes anyone? Banana Mama Milkshakes ? Caramel shortbread or Luxury seeded nut granola’s ?


  • It’s eclectic ! – meet interesting women who lead alternative and glamorous lifestyles and run vintage clothing businesses – whilst looking glamorous at the  same time !!


  • It’s sociable – every issue has an ‘ Events’ page of up and coming vintage fashion fairs and festivals.

Images – Lekeuxevents and Restoration Cakes

It’s for shopaholics – packed with delicious links to buy clothes, furniture, crafts, lingerie and gifts.

The only improvement I would suggest is to see this mag become more international, especially in it’s ‘ event’ pages which are all UK based from what I can see. Though I could be wrong. But this is a minor thing. No matter where you abide, this little mag is a treat to get.

THATS-ALL -Glamourdaze

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  1. I SO wish I could get this magazine! Is it only available in the UK? I definitely suffer from “vintage fixation”, ha ha! ;)

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