Irish Vintage Clothing Designer on Fifth Avenue !

Sandra Murphy - Recollection
Sandra Murphy – Recollection

Irish Vintage Fashion Designer heads to Hollywood.

It was with great interest that Glamourdaze – an Irish based vintage fashion and beauty blog, learned about a new Irish name in the retro fashion industry called Sandra Murphy. The New York based Irish woman now has her ‘ Recollection’ line of 1940s,1950s and 1960s inspired clothing
being used in a major new Hollywood film called The Host – starring Saoirse Ronan. Her outfits are being sold in top Manhattan stores like Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue and  Anik in Madison Avenue amongst others. We’re delighted that Sandra Murphy  agreed to an interview.

But first a quick look at her beautiful new collection:

Recollection – New fashion With Old Soul

Spring /  Summer collection 2012

Sandra Murphy’s Recollection recently revealed its spring and summer line for 2012. Awash with beautiful 1950’s colors in flushed pinks to striking yellows. From beach suits to Peplum jackets,and gorgeous floral prints, in dresses,skirts and scarves ; the collection has everything any vintage fashionista’s heart could desire.

Mrs.-Carlisle-dress – Recollection 2012
Mrs.-Harrison-dress – Recollection 2012
Mrs-Jones Taylor jacket Mrs-weaver-dress
Ms Beck beach-suit - Sandra Murphy
Ms Beck beach-suit – Sandra Murphy

One of the highlight features of the Recollection line are their sumptuous silk scarves – all custom designed . Made in the USA with eco friendly production standards.

Recollection – Scarves – 2011 – Sandra Murphy

Sandra Murphy – Irish fashion Designer – Exclusive Interview:

Where/how did your interest in vintage style, vintage clothing  begin?
SM: I remember playing dress-up as a child in my Mothers clothes from the 60’s & 70’s that she had made herself but my more serious interest in vintage came when I was in college studying different eras in fashion & I immediately loved mid-century style.

Sandra-Murphy–polorized !

Where did you study ?
SM: Limerick School of Art & Design

Who is your favorite classic designer [ e.g Schiaparelli / Dior etc ]
SM: I have many favorites but one is Pierre Cardin for his very early work in the ‘50s even though he is most known for his collections that came decades later. Before starting his own couture house, he worked with Christian Dior in the 40’s. Under the Dior label he designed the the suits & coats of the collection which became known as the ‘New Look’.

Mrs.-Foxworth-dress by Sandra Murphy

What is your own personal style like?
SM: I would describe it as timeless & feminine.

Fashion appears to run in the family. At what age did you develop your own personal interests?
SM: My mother did the alterations for the family business & from a very early I used the leftover scraps of fabric to make my own looks for my Barbie & Sindy dolls.

Do you like buying vintage and where do you go to buy?
SM: It’s my favorite pass-time. I rarely shop it in NYC because it’s too curated & over priced. Luckily New Jersey & Connecticut aren’t far away & over the years I’ve discovered some great stores as well as vintage & antique fairs that happen throughout the year.

Mrs Van Horne dress – Sandra Murphy

What styles/era’s do you think define your work best ?
SM: I am most influenced by the 40’s & 50’s but sometimes I’ll also look at the 30’s & early 60’s too.

Mrs Baker-White jacket + Eleanor-blouse + Margaret-skirt

How do you organize your working day as a designer ?
SM: Each day can be very different for me. Besides my own clothing line I’m still active in the industry as a part-time fashion instructor teaching design to college kids & I also do freelance design work for other companies.

What is you most successful creation?
SM: I always strive to grow & therefore I don’t think my most successful creation has been realized yet. To date, I would say I’m probably most proud to have had my work recognized by Henri Bendel & costume designer Erin Benach.

What have you planned for the future?
SM: I‘m busy working on the new collection but long term I’d love to start my own online shop. My dream scenario would be to see this grow as a lifestyle brand with vintage inspired shoes, bags, jewelry, intimates etc. but right now I‘m just taking things one day at a time.

You have recently launched in Henri Bendel in New York’s famous Fifth Avenue. It must be very exciting to see your designs on display in such a famous store, how did that come about?
SM: Henri Bendel was first to introduce a young Coco Chanel to the US & is also credited with launching the career of Anna Sui amongst many other industry heavy-hitters. Twice a year they open their doors to new designers when they host their Open-See event. People come from all around the world & the line stretches for blocks (think American Idol auditions). When you get in you have minutes, if not seconds, to present & impress the buyers. I was very fortunate that they responded so positively to my work & I’m having my second trunk show with them this week.

Henri Bendel New York

We do a lot of posts on vintage make-up styles. What is your favorite era?
SM: I like the 50’s. It was simple but the dramatic effect of a defined eyebrow, cat-eye & strong lip was so glamorous.

Glamourdaze wishes Sandra the very best with her Recollection Line. We’ll be keeping an eye on her. Check out Sandra  and visit her Facebook page for updates – Recollection By SandraMurphy

That’s all!

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