Vintage Swimwear (1961 Film) – Playtex Swim Caps


Vintage Swimwear Fashion (1961 Film) – Cloche Swim Caps from Playtex

These days a girl has to keep her head to keep up with the changing seasons and styles. That goes for swim caps as well, with model Joan here seen above favoring the new crest shape motif against the new cloche shaped swim cap.(pic 1)
The colorful 1920s updated for today’s (1960s) highest ‘high fashion’ ! Outdoors at the Caribbean vacation retreat, our camera moves poolside with the fashionable young moderns for a close up of Mary’s swim-cap.
They call it Rosetta La Rocks – a clean lined number with a touch of glamor, guaranteed to turn heads her way.) pic 2 and 3).

Continuing the showing of Playtex designer swim-caps, we find that flowers do go to malady’s head.Witness Sheilas bouquet fro the beach ! (pic4).

Pretty enough – she says, to wear away from the water. Virginia needs room on a board to show of her nosegay ( bouquet of flowers) and what a sweet way it is to keep her hair dry !
A heads up job to bring you the latest in 1960’s fashion news ! ”

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