1940’s Fashion – The Correct Way to apply your Make-up

A summarised excerpt from Make-up & Beauty – A 1940s Guide.
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1. Cleansing

First remove all old make-up with cleansing cream which should be applied in an upward and outward circular movement. Remove cleansing cream, first with cleansing tissue and then with soap and water. Failure to remove all trace of cleansing cream will cause the face to look greasy. if skin is oily follow removal of cleansing cream with a skin freshener.

2.Foundation cream or Pan-Cake.

Apply foundation cream or pancake as explained in the chapter 19.

3.Moist Rouge.

See ” Do’s and Don’ts” following your particular face type chart from pages 51 to 56 in Make-up & Beauty – A 1940’s Guide


For best results, always apply before powdering. See chapter on correct make-up for eyes !


Inspect make-up carefully before powdering. be on the lookout for telltale signs of demarcation. Pat powder on  – never rub it on ! Use generously and remove all surplus with a brush. You may use powder that is lighter than your foundation but never one that is darker. Remove all trace of powder from the hairline.

6. Eyebrow pencil.

Make-up the eyebrow delicately as explained in the chapter on correct make-up for the eyes. Use a stiff
bristled brush to remove surplus powder and shape the line of the brow.

7. Mascara.

Apply mascara as indicated in the relevant chapter, drawing the eyelid gently upward while at the same time endeavoring to keep the eye closed. This will enable you to apply mascara to the entire lash and prevent flutter. Follow the same procedure in applying mascara to the lower lashes, putting fingers on the cheek and gently pulling downward. The eye should be kept open.

8. Dry Rouge.

In order to remove any oil which might have been conveyed to the face and which would cause a blotchy make-up, powder again before applying dry rouge. As explained in the chapter on moist and dry rouge, the former is used to create the required contour and illusion, the latter to complete make-up.

9. Lip Make-up.

See your relevant face chart. Also refer to chapter on lip make-up where you will find listed nine rules for the creation of lovely, natural looking 1940’s lips.

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