Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra Eyes – A Simple Guide.

Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra Eyes – A Simple Guide.

Departing briefly from the vintage makeup guides based on the decade, here is a simple guide to a classic Hollywood look, made famous by the irreplaceable and iconic Liz Taylor. 

This is a general guide for anyone to do, using their own makeup, except for one important extra:
Alexander McQueen Blue Eyeshadow from MAC. If you can’t get it, just try and match it with something of your own.

1. Use a light eye shadow over entire lid, all the way up to brow bone.

2. Apply the McQueen Blue to the outer corner of lids and blend inwards graduating to a lighter shade near  the centre of the lid.

3. Line your lower eyelid with a white pencil

4. Apply liquid liner over your lower lids just under the water line and then smudge with a cotton bud.

5. Apply liquid liner to the upper eyelid, starting on the outer edge. This is the most important part, so don’t hurry it.

Now the important bit

6. Add two cleopatra wings from the corner of each eye , stroking the lower wing slightly downwards and beyond the natural end of your brow. Draw the the upper wing upperwards about half a centermetre  shorter than the lower line. Draw a line between the two end points and fill in.

7. Loads of black mascara, and finish with a light touch of gold shadow on the upper lid line.

The rest of the face should be pale, and contour with a golden blush and finish off with nude lipstick, so as to emphasise those eyes.

Finally seek out a Richard Burton lookalike and hit the town.

Now watch Elizabeth applying her own eye makeup.

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7 thoughts on “Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra Eyes – A Simple Guide.”

  1. Great! I used to wear make up in a similar way in the late sixties, early seventies. Dark eyeliner with that 'ticked up' part in the outer corners, then pearlised shimmer above it. Problem for me was that my eyelids have quite heavy folds so after a few hours, the made had gone all gooey and gathered in the crease!

  2. About finding that Richard Burton lookalike–don't tell my husband! I've always just adored Richard Burton! I love this make-up look, too, even though Cleopatra is a ridiculous movie. Somehow, I always get sucked into watching it!

  3. Amazing post!! This is great!!! May I link to this post when I am going to talk about CLEOPATRA on my film blog AND THEN THEY START TO SPARKLE?
    (It may be a long time till then but I'd love to link to this post!!)

    Regards, Irene

  4. That look is amazing, and looks easier to achieve then you'd think.

    You would definitely stand out from the crowd.

    Peg x

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