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The Powder Room
The sultry secretary style and makeup looks of the 1950’s that MadMen Joan Holloway epitomizes is showcased in this beautiful original archive film from the 1950’s . The whole film glows with that peaches and cream hue of the 1950’s. These women would still turn heads today. That could be Peggy Olsen lighting a cigarette !
We see the women calmly touching up their makeup, nails, fixing hair and stockings in the powder room
while some old grouch, probably from accounts shakes his perplexed head.
It’s a priceless snapshot of vintage 1950’s women’s fashion

 1950’s make-up and Beauty Guides.

For the original 1950’s look, you can download instantly these beautifully restored 1950s makeup and beauty guides.

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The real Peggy Olsen
” Did I file those TPS reports for Mr Halliday ??”
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