1950’s Fashion Secrets – The Body Beautiful

Vintage fashion advice from the 1950’s for the essentials of beauty. If you are keen on mastering the look of Joan Holloway, Peggy Olsen or Betty Draper from Mad Men, the following advice comes from women fashion writers of the period !
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Sophie Loren – 1950’s Beauty Icon

1950s Fashion Secrets  –  The Body Beautiful

It really goes without saying for any woman in the 1950’s, that good posture is the key to charm and beauty.
Squared shoulders and head held high give a girl confidence in herself, and she in turn inspires other women.

1. Dont slump and walk head up, spine straight and bust lifted.

2.To stand correctly, keep your chin high and place one foot slightly in front of the other.

3.Sit correctly girls ! Don’t twist your legs. Cross them if you like, but sit back gracefully.

So, are you now sitting pretty ? Any woman is more attractive when she sits gracefully. She looks great and feels so much better. Keep your knees closer together at all times. It’s ladylike.

The Essential E’s of Beauty.

1.Early to bed
2.Eat for beauty – go easy on sugar as its artificial energy prevents your body from naturally producing glucose from the food you eat, which in turn breaks down un-needed fat. Try and avoid in between meal snacks. They add to the bum.
3.Exersise – a plain ordinary walk every day, and when possible a good hike with friends.

” Under” Statements

The ” Body Beautiful” is almost complete. Good posture and some sound health habits went into its building.
But the body needs support and protection. And this is where undergarments come in.

L’Officiel de la Mode

Foundation garments.

You may think of something stiff and stodgy like grandma wore. You may think of them as something to poke you with every move. Not at all. Think of girdles and bras in terms of smoothness, firmness, and flexibility. Every woman needs those qualities to appear at her best in everything she wears.

L’Officiel de la Mode

Even if you are slim, wear a step in two way stretch girdles to control your lines. It will not hamper your movements. You will find it improves your posture and makes you feel more womanly. As for bras, select one that gives you a firm contour without being injurious !
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Original text by Dora Lewis, Mabel Goode Bowers,Marietta Kettunen

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