1940’s Fashion – The 1940 Silhouette !!

What’s new for fashion in 1940 ? Well …the silhouette for one thing !
The advice from this writer in the spring of 1940 was to face up to reality and to your real body shape. Some of the problem areas being hilariously referred to as  “the matron’s bulge,” “the heavy calf,” and “the thickened waistline.”
“Off with the swing skirt and on with the straight. Waistlines are now lower and suit jackets long: Skirt pleats start low, very low,  and front fullness is centered to avoid width. Skirt lengths ? About the same – seventeen inches from the floor, but let your figure be your guide girls.

“Shoulders are square but not pugilistic. [ ed. like a boxer ! ] High necks are getting a big play this season, but lots of V’s and cut-outs are here for the girls with short necks and full faces. Sleeves are slim and straight and many of them the push up type. Blouses have flattering drapes and fullness.”

“The costumes seen here were snapped at this weeks show of Color affiliates – in Central park’s Tavern-on-the Green. To save women from matching mania, a group of manufacturers get together each season on color ! “

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  1. The matrons bulge? The bowed leg and heavy ankle? That just sounds like a whole world of bad right there.The outfits are gorgeous though, especially the second one.

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