Vintage 1940’s Wedding fashion

Vintage 1940’s Wedding fashion
Lingerie fit for a bride

This charming film, originally a promo for Newform wedding Lingerie made from rayon silk – the synthetic fabric rage of the 1940’s, is a unique example of the vintage wedding trousseau on film.Narrated by Miss Ratherly Stern.
The traditional trousseau, included bridal accessories,lingerie, toiletries, jewelry, and makeup.
Up until the 1940’s even bed linens and bath towels were bought as part of a womans wedding regalia for her new home. This fashion film shows a typical 1940’s wedding dress,hairstyle and lingerie of the period.

Over to you Miss Stern !
” Like a dream world isn’t it ! As feminine and charming a splay of bridalry. As long as there have been weddings, there have been trousseaus.They link together as inevitably as the moon and June.
And so todays shower will be lingerie fit for a bride ! Look it’s showering slips, that any bride would love to own, or any bridesmaid for that matter.Smooth lines will make everything you wear look more glamourous. If you’ve ever been guilty of pinning up the hem of your slip, you can throw away those pins forever!

The Newform is designed in two lengths – regular and short, so you need never complain about your slip showing beneath your wedding dress.The Newforms fit so perfectly, that even corsetieres, those experts in figure flattering, give them their blessing, which is no more than you’ll do. This is the kind of trousseau that will make any bride feel like a queen. “
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