1920’s It Girls – Louise Brooks and Clara Bow

Louise Brooks and Clara Bow, possibly the two greatest female screen icons of 1920’s beauty style. Their individual beauty helped define the flapper look and the jazz age of the roaring twenties.This film celebrates them both.
If you should ever need a definitive tutorial or just some tips on 1920’s, fashion, dress, bob hairstyles, clothing and the makeup look of the flapper, these two glamorous women and beauty icons epitomize it all . Sit back and be mesmerized.

 The 1920’s Make-up & Beauty Guide.

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4 thoughts on “1920’s It Girls – Louise Brooks and Clara Bow”

  1. ooh glad i found this post. i just read CLARA BOW: RUNNIN' WILD and LOUISE BROOKS: A BIOGRAPHY in the past few weeks. louise brooks apparently really admired and loved clara bow, though they only met a few times. they had such a similar, natural acting style, unusual for that time. dont you think its crazy how wild clara bows hair often was!? sometimes i marvel at that, at a time when no one wore theirs as a puffy mess, hers was truly a puffy mess oftentimes. everyone else had such perfect waved hair, or like brooks, perfectly bobbed. if you have not read it, i REALLY recommend the louise brooks biography (i just wrote ALL about it on my blog because i LOVED it).


  2. Thanks for post, although I must point out that Louise Brooks Hollywood career in the 1920s was insignificant and the idea of her as great icon dates to the sixties and the new-release of the German picture "Pandora's Box" (1929). The "Bob" was popularized by Colleen Moore before Brooks even sat her foot in HW. Clara Bow dominated Hollywood 1926-1931. She everybody knew of…

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