1940’s Fashion – Betty’s Winter Wardrobe Plan 1948

Winter fashion wardrobe in 1948 –

Following on from the earlier 1940’s Fashion – A Young Woman’s Wardrobe Plan from 1947.

Lauren Bacall gets dressed—life-magazine

Now see the lavishly illustrated concise history of 1940’s fashion.

History of 1940’s Fashion

Is your seasonal 1940s wardrobe just a haphazard collection of outfits thrown together, or a complete and harmonious set of carefully chosen garments that will turn head and stop other women in their tracks as they envy your style and fashion sense ! Can you tell by the way they look, which other women planned their wardrobe? Back in the 1940’s women meticulously planned their wardrobe down to the last detail.
1940’s Fashion writer Elisabeth Todd interviewed ordinary women like Betty below, on their fashion planning in 1948.

The following is a list in her own words of Betty’s wardrobe plan from 1947.

1940 Winter Coats and Jackets

New York women out for a walk in the winter snow -1945.

Good black coat, Brown tailored coat, Tan polo coat.
Pastel, plaid, tan, soft and tailored jackets.

Winter Suits

Lauren Bacall in fashionable checked tweed suit.

A powder blue herringbone tweed suit for travelling, church and dates.
A pink tweed suit for the same occasions.

Winter Dresses

A gold wool dress – very dressy for dances.
Can be dressed up ultra with black coat and black accessories.

1940's Dresses
1940’s Dresses

Day Dresses – 1945 – The War Years look.

A red and black check dress – for church or games or a day out with friends.
A powder blue lightweight wool, tailored two piece dress.
This can be worn with any of the coats and with pumps or saddle shoes and anklets.

 Francis Bergen wearing an off the shoulder dinner dress – 1948 – source Life

A red plaid wool one piece dress.[ My favourite dress ever !]
Can be worn with brown and black coats for dates and dress up affairs.

Gene Tierney in a stunning off the shoulder red dress -1948

A gold chiffon dinner dress with long full sleeves. This is my pet !
It has silver embroidery on it.

 Ingrid Bergman models a beautiful floral chiffon dress – 1948

Green net formal with a short taffetta jacket which is worn with the dress for dinners or used as a wrap.Finally, a knee length black wool dress with half sleeves.
This is my head turner.

Fall and Winter Skirts.

Typical plaid skirt and matching shoes -1948 – Life magazine

Brown wool swing skirt
Black crepe plaited
Green plaid plaited
Blue and red plaited
Striped taffetta evening skirt to be worn with white blouse for parties.
Green Pencil skirt

Lauren Bacall in dressing room – 1948 – Life magazine

Winter  Shoes

Brown suede and alligator pumps – Two pairs
Black mary janes -One pair
Cuban heel oxfords -One pair
Brown and white low heeled pumps.
Brown ladies galoshes.
[ Glamourdaze note – these were designed to fit over your high heeled shoes]

Gaytees Galoshes for Women – 1946

Winter 1940s Hats

Powder blue felt
Navy Blue silk
Turban, wrap around.
Red felt medium brim hat.

L’Officiel Echo De la Mode – Paris hats – December 1947

Gloves for the Winter Season

Black leather gloves
White long gloves – for evening wear and formals.
White angora mittens – for snowy and cold weather.

1940’s gloves – Vogue magazine 1941source My Vintage Vogue

1947 gloves – Christian Dior – source Opera Gloves.com

1940’s Fashion Purses

Blue leather, black leather and gabardine.

Betty’s 1940s Underwear and Hosiery

Slips – 2 peach, 2 white, 1 blue and 1 black.
Panties – 8 pairs white.
4 brassieres
Girdles– 2 long line girdles
6 pairs of silk hose.

Source Life – Underslips – 1947

Corsetiere Fitting – 1947Source The Corsetiere

Winter Pyjamas

Blue and white striped – cotton
Peach wool nightie
Blue wool Pyjamas.

1940’s Fashion – Mrs Isles wearing cotton pyjamas . Life Magazine

Planning your wardrobe includes deciding what clothes you will need for the coming season, trying on and judging what will fit as the season progresses. Older women may add a pound or two during the colder months of winter.Planning also includes combining tops and skirts, dresses with cardigans or jackets. What hosiery to go with what outfit and in what weather. What shoes work best with what hats.

Where do you start ? With the wardrobe you left from last winter of course! What articles of clothing do you need ? One way to begin is to list all the occasions for which you will need clothes.

List the wearable garments from last year. Are they still in fashion ? If you had a successful wardrobe last year, then hang on to them and simply accessorise. Be ready for all temperatures and all occasions.

Edited from original text by Elisabeth Todd – 1947 Clothing for Women and Girls.
“So as you can see, a woman need not have many garments to be well dressed !”

That’s all !
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