Good Posture Guide for Women – 1940’s Style Advice

1940s guide to good posture

Its interesting to remember that Pilates, now a hugely popular guide to good posture was developed in the 1940’s and named after Joseph Pilates.

Women of the 1940’s simply had to master correct posture. There was no option. Corset makers like Spencer did their bit to help, but there is no better alternative than simply learning how to stand, walk, and sit like a lady. So while there’s an  easy guides to 1940s style, you cannot leave out perfect the posture of a lady of the era.

Corsets helped women achieve a feminine posture

A 1940’s Guide to Good Posture

Vintage Guide to Good Posture

On our YouTube channel, vintage beauty guru, Mary Stuyvesant  pops in on her time machine from the 1940’s with her advice on the correct posture women, young and old alike.

Her finishing school for girls is a good example of what was considered important for women then. As antiquated as it appears, it’s always worth grabbing the useful advice that was dished out to young women in the 1940’s, as they still apply when it comes to being glamorous.
Mary Stuyvesant is only now getting recognition for her tutorials. Her vintage 1940’s makeup tutorial, published on the Glamour daze YouTube channel is a viral hit today.

The Correct Typing Position

The best typing position is one that is natural and comfortable for you. To gain this posture follow these simple principles.

  • Adjust the height of your chair so that you are seated directly in front of the typewriter
  • The back rest should support you comfortably.
  • Sit so your arms incline slightly forward from the shoulder and your forearms assume the same upward slope as that of the keyboard.
  • Your wrists should be slightly lower than your knuckles, your fingers should curve naturally toward the keys.
Typing posture for women


That’s all !

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  1. Watching these videos suddenly make me want to sit up straight, excercise, eat healthier and so on. thankyou for posting this online so we can all be reminded of how a true lady should act everyday.

  2. Did everyone else just feel themselves guiltily sit up straighter in their desk chair??? :)
    I so dig Ms Stern!!!

  3. Me too! My posture is usually quite terrible, apart from when the physio straps my back.

    And what about Stella, the world's champion speed typist! Fantastic title, if I ever do say.

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