Vintage Glamour Tutorial – Mary Stuyvesant 1946

Vintage Glamour Tutorial 1946

A woman’s guide to achieving vintage glamour in the late 1940’s by Mary Stuyvesant aka the infamous Miss Ratherly Stern. Here, Mary explains the secrets to glamour and femininity.


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What Can I do to be Glamorous?

vintage glamour tutorial - Mary Stuyvesant

Every girl wants to know how to possess the mysterious quality known as 1940’s glamour! A little touch of seasoning that makes a dish just right. Suppose you get too much seasoning ? Glamour is just the same !

1940s glamour guide - Mary Stuyvesant

Poise and charm are personality traits, so what do they have to do with clothes 1940’s makeup and 1940’s hairstyles ?

Well – poise, as you know is simply a state of mind ! It comes as a result of confidence in the way you look . If you know you look well, your clothes are right and your makeup natural, your hair neat … the assurance of all these things brings a woman that elusive poise !

Charm is the ability to make other people comfortable and happy in your company. That means you must forget yourself and concentrate on putting the other person at their ease. No woman can do this successfully if she’s worried about the way she looks
and is asking these following sorts of questions. “Is my lipstick on straight  or are my stocking seams straight?.” “Is my hemline even ? “

1940s glamour guide - Mary Stuyvesant

The way we look exerts so much influence on the way we feel and on the way other people feel about us, that it really is very important.

1940’s Dress, Hairstyle and Makeup

When I talk about good appearance or looking your best, it’s natural to think it’s about 1940s’ clothes, hairstyle or makeup.
Well, believe it or not, these are just the trimmings – like the icing on a cake. If the cake is no good, then you soon lose interest in the icing.

Basically, good health and physical care are the foundations of beauty. We all want a lovely skin, shining eyes, a beautiful smile and loads of pep, but we can’t have them, except in a clean and healthy body.

1940s glamour guide - Mary Stuyvesant

There’s no substitute as a daily bath for the groundwork of daily glamour ! Brilliant teeth need brushing ! Clean hair means frequent and thorough shampooing !

A good nights sleep comes next to cleanliness as a beauty base. I’ve seen lots of sparkling eyes and good complexions suffer from listening to swing records at bedtime !!

1940s glamour guide - Mary Stuyvesant

There’s a lot of wisdom in that old expression – beauty sleep !

Let’s remember what we were taught in home economics about a well balanced diet.

1940s glamour guide - Mary Stuyvesant

Meat, cheese,eggs or fish, milk,butter, bread, fresh fruit, especially citrus fruits, green and starchy vegetables, and of course some sweets! But please go easy on fried food.

Beautiful skin, vitality, sparkling hair all begin with a balanced diet. So watch it girls – it pays big dividends.
Then there’s exercise ! Try and spend some time every day, outdoors developing the grace that comes from toned up muscles and a complexion that goes with good circulation.

That’s all !
©Glamour Daze

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