1920’s Women’s Fashion Revisited

Rare 1920s Color Fashion Film –

This rare 1920’s fashion archive color film found by archivist Murray Glass  features some stunning 1920’s dress styles from the spring of 1928. Here it is again with a breakdown of each item of clothing as worn by some well know women of the late 1920’s. Read  our exclusive interview with Murray Glass

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1920’s Dress Fashion – Corliss Palmer

A most striking feminine chapeau is brought forth in wave crest green,
with Pascecan ecru lace trim, in large flare style, so becomingly worn by Corliss Palmer.

1920’s Dress Style –  Rachel Torres

Rachel Torres decides that a two piece felt set,cloche hat
and bag to match with appliqued flowers of felt,
is just the right dash for early spring wear.

1920’s Cloche hat – Laura La Plante

A black and white chapeau of felt, chosen by Laura La Plante.

Vintage 1920’s coat – Ruth Elder

Charming Ruth Elder lends grace to this smart ensemble
Pur Le Sport coat with stitched embroidery.

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  1. I've always found thrift stores and vintage boutiques to be useful for finding this sort of thing. There are a number of places online where you can order 1920's clothing.

  2. Hi… My fiance' grandmother is celebrating her 80th birthday and it is strictly 1920's attire. Where would I go to get these dresses for me and my 10 yr old son and daughter and of course my Fiance… Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated.. Thank you in advance and i love your blog btw :)

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