Vintage Swimwear Revisited – Swimsuits of the 1940’s and 1950’s

1940’s Swimwear

The principle design factor of was to be figure flattering – often incorporating the new stretch fabrics to offer tummy support and hourglass shape to a womans figure.This marked a major departure in the history of vintage swimwear

In 1946, the shocking introduction of the bikini threw the swimsuit fashion world into a new generation of swimsuit design. The original bikinis were quite modest and offered full coverage.
Vintage Swimwear -available now over at Amazon – chronicles the whole history of vintage swimsuits.
Beautifully illustrated with fashion photos and designs – it’s a must if you’re a vintage fashion nut.
The book covers the impact of Hollywood on advertising swimwear fashion – most notably through the Esther Williams film Bathing Beauty.

With the summer months coming for the northern hemisphere – it may well help you decide on what 1940s swimsuit you want.
Right now over at What Katie Did – there’s a beautiful range of retro style swimwear from the 1940’s and 1950’s by What Katie Did. This sporty nautical theme costume is our favourite.

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3 thoughts on “Vintage Swimwear Revisited – Swimsuits of the 1940’s and 1950’s”

  1. 40's swimwears are so cool. This vintage style is good for a pool party theme. My girlfriends (I call my pals as girlfriends) love a pool party. Of course, we've never missed sexy bikinis. Usually, pool parties were held at my house. So, I always clean it. Last week, my boyfriend found a good contractor who will remodel inground swimming pool. Chicago, our hometown has a lot of professional contractors for swimming pool installation, that's why he found it easily. Swimming pool remodelling will start next week.

  2. You know what I like about the vintage swimsuit? The fact that it wasn't created for skinny women, it was made for those of us who have curvy figures. Too many stick girls around these days.

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