Vintage 1930’s Fashion – Glamourous Hollywood

A charming and slightly far fetched little movie short of a glamourous Hollywood party at the famous Ambassador Hotel..
It features some of the biggest stars of the day, wearing the latest fashions.
Some lovely examples of 1930’s womens hairstyles
In the 1930’s the world was gripped by the Great Depression and very often, as depicted in Woody Allens Purple Rose of Cairo, the only source of escapism was going to the Movies.
The stunning early 1930’s fashionblankblank went hand in hand with the Glamour of Hollywood.
Old reels like these look dated now, but they offered hope to millions of people.
Movie goers saw an alternate reality to the grim world they had just come in from.
How important do you think escapism is during times of recession?


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6 thoughts on “Vintage 1930’s Fashion – Glamourous Hollywood”

  1. Beutiful post! I think escapism was a necessity in the depression… But even today I think it can be used as a way to "replenish" oneself spiritually & emotionally. I mean certain films certainly do fall under the category of "comfort food" !:)

  2. You are so right! My great grandmother told me stories about going to the "pictures" during the depression. For her family, it was a real treat. If they had an extra 30 cents, they stopped at a hamburger stand to grab a bite to eat on the way home. She was a small town girl, so they had to travel quite a way to get to a town that had a theater, so it was always a big deal for her and her 2 sisters.

  3. Big lavish all-singing all-dancing films bring much-needed color and glitz into life during times of hardship. And they don't cost much! Bollywood also fulfills this need splendidly.

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