Fashion in the 1900’s


blank1900’s Fashion

I personally feel that that belle epoch period of 1890’s to 1914 in fashion is unique. Those wonderful days when women wore morning dresses, afternoon dresses, evening gowns, formal dresses . of course it helped to have an army of servants running after you.
It was also the time when women began to wear suits with shirt waists and blouses !
The great artists of the period captured them so wonderfully.

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5 thoughts on “Fashion in the 1900’s”

  1. How wonderful! I read some books from that period and love when they gush about "filmy Parisian frocks" – I never know what to picture! Thank you for giving me mental illustrations.

  2. it was such an interesting transition period!
    and yes im sure having tons of help would be er helpful in changing in and out of so many outfits through out the day!! i have issues just picking ONE to wear a day! ha

  3. Are you sure the first two are 1900-1914? They look 1930s to me. Nevertheless, they are all so pretty!!! :)

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