8 thoughts on “1950’s Fashion – Fully Fashioned Stockings”

  1. SO TRUE! Who cares if it's not practical, it's ELEGANT, that's all that matters. Beauty hurts and it has its price but it feels so good when you get praised for being classy and vintage. "Oh I love your brows!"
    "Your skin is so perfect"
    "You got the look, even the makeup is from that era"
    "It's world war II and your husband has just left you at the train station crying alone…"

    They once told me "how do you do it? because you know, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the retro look, I just couldn't."

    I said well…I guess it's the whole inspiration. Watching movies from that time, pictures, listening to that music, the clothes, the makeup, the shoes, bags, jewelry…you really feel you're living it again, I always say I must have been there in my past life.

    By the way, I love your blog.

  2. The quote you quoted :) is wonderful, and so true. It's rare to find a pair of vintage women's boots from the 50s because most women felt they didn't look nice and would prefer to freeze in their pretty pumps! If anything they would wear "rain boots" and even then only when they had to, bringing along a real pair of shoes to swap into as soon as possible!

  3. wow a whole site just on stockings!!! well there are sites for all kinds of things why not for nylons!! :) and today the weather was cool enough that i got to bust out my tights woot!

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