Joan Crawford – Photographed from 1920 to 1930



The wonderful and generally forgotten Hollywood Diva of the 1920’s.
She’s largely and unfortunately remembered for her role in Whatever happened to Baby Jane
[ remember the eyebrows ? ] ..though it is a great movie.
Here she is in all her Flapper glory in a timeline of photos from 1920 to 1930.Enjoy.
Images courtesy of Joan Crawford Best
A quote from Joan “

“I wanted to be famous, just to make the kids who’d laughed at me feel foolish. I wanted to be rich, so I’d never have to do the awful work my mother did and live at the bottom of the barrel–ever. And I wanted to be a dancer because I loved to dance… Maybe the illusions, the daydreams, made life more tolerable, but I always knew, whether I was in school or working in some damned dime store, that I’d make it. (Funny, but I never had any ambition whatsoever to become an actress.)”

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12 thoughts on “Joan Crawford – Photographed from 1920 to 1930”

  1. Wonderful photos, especially that last one! Thank you! A fan of the era, the music and the movies, Lulu, Mabel Normand and Mary Pickford usually come to mind, not Joan…


  2. I wouldn’t have even recognized her, I know her image from the 40s-50s so well. Thanks for sharing these lovely images!

  3. Great pics. So strange to see her blonde! My favorite Joan Crawford is in Mildred Pierce of course! It is definitely fun to see her in a sweet light.

  4. It’s really interesting how her looks evolved over the years. It’s nice to see photos of her when her looks were softer. I just remembered her in her later movies when she often played the “bee-yotch.”

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