Flapper Style – Cyd Charisse

Iconic Screen Appearance of Cyd Charisse

Flapper Cyd Charisse legs

That appearance of Cyd Charisse, or to be more accurate, her legs,  in the 1952 smash hit Singing in the Rain, is unforgettable . A superb dancer, with legs reputed to be insured for a million dollars, she was chosen by Gene Kelly to appear opposite him in a special set piece in the middle of the movie. Fred Astaire said of her “That Cyd! When you’ve danced with her you stay danced with.”


Good evening Madam !!

As with all the wonderful costumes in the movie, designed by Walter Plunkett, Cyd’s sparkling green sequined flapper dress, launched a whole new perception of flapper style which has pervaded to this day, confirming the impact on fashion that Hollywood has had over the last century.

Flapper Style Cyd Charisse
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  1. Hi I loved this dress and want a full body picture of it. Do you have any clue where I can find one? All I seem to find is this half or the white dress she wears to do the dance in.

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