1960’s Beauty Advice – Complexion


Illustrated transcription from a makeup video tutorial from 1969 – Thanks to Skip Elsheimer of AV Geeks for discovering and sharing the rare find. written and narrated by beauty consultant Marla Craig. See the video and check out the full lavishly illustrated transcription of the Vintage 1969 makeup Tutorial. 2- Complexion A beautiful complexion is …

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1960s Beauty – Lose 5 pounds in 5 Seconds!


Archive makeup video tutorial from 1969 transcribed with color images –  written and narrated by beauty consultant Marla Craig. Introduction. See the original video and read the Vintage 1969 makeup Tutorial – for a lavishly illustrated step by step tutorial. The more interested you are in the world around you, the more interesting you become! …

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Natalie Wood’s 5 Step 1960’s Makeup Routine.

Five simple makeup steps for the pale 1960s makeup look from actress Natalie Wood. 1.Natalie has pitch-dark lashes and mascaras only the tips – but those thickly! 2.Back in prehistoric times, you had to have naturally curly lashes! Now you can curl them at will. 3.Just a little stroke of eyebrow pencil makes all the …

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1960’s Eye Makeup Tips – Pattie Boyd

1960’s Eye Makeup Tips – Sixties model Pattie Boyd Originally published in Sept 1965 in the beauty magazine 16. Pattie Boyd – ( Beatle girlfriend and source of inspiration to classic songs such as George Harrison’s Something and Eric Claptons Layla. ) wrote a column entitled Pattie Boyd’s Beauty Box. In this, the first article, …

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1960’s Fashion Lipsticks Advert

A dancing moon, a gay new dress and to match them all, Coty Lipsticks ! Yes – Coty lipsticks are ‘fashion matched’, each a perfect partner for one of the lovely new fondant shades. Choose your Coty Lipstick color from Chatan, Dahlia, Forest fire, Coral Pink, Red Ribbon, Fresh Pink, Spun Gold, Gay Fuschia and …

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