Retro Sunglasses – Decade-by-Decade Vintage Style

Retro Sunglasses - Decade-by Decade Vintage Style

Wear the Correct Eye Frames to match your fashion era – Whether you’re a vintage clothing fan or just love retro styles, it’s always fun to take a bit from the past and incorporate it into your wardrobe. Each decade had iconic styles from the well-tailored looks of the 30s all the way to flamboyant …

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Learn How to Sit in a Feminine Posture

How to Sit in a feminine posture

The Art of Sitting like a Fashion Model The art of sitting gracefully, just like a vintage fashion model. Simple beauty steps from the Eileen Ford Model Agency. Sit back in the seat and not on the edge of the chair. Keep chest and bust high, diaphragm flat. Sit on your pelvic bones and not on …

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Photos of 20th Century Women at Christmas

Photos of 20th Century Women at Christmas

Vintage Photos of Women at Christmas Continuing our trawl of found fashion photographs, here are some photos of 20th Century Women at Christmas. The originals of which you will find on Ebay for sale. If you’re lucky! Here we picked some of our favorites spanning from the 1980s all the way back to 1910. 1980s …

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1950s Fashion – The Sweater Dress for Winter 1954


The Sweater Dress modeled by Hollywood Stars 1954 Look what’s happening to the sweater, girls! Now it’s a dress, a sweater dress. A blouse, an evening top or even a coat. The sweater has arrived as an important figure in fashion. The sweater dress is pack-able, washable and wearable for all occasions. It’s smart and …

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1950s Fashion – Winter Dresses 1954

Janet-Leigh---Winter Dresses-1954

Formal and Informal Winter Dresses for the Holidays – Winter Dresses for 1954. Some of the prettiest formal and informal dresses to be seen in during the holiday season. . Above:  Janet Leigh models an after five dress in ice-blue silk satin Jacquard with flattering open neckline and elbow-length sleeves. The long waistline ends at the hips …

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1950s Fashion – Hollywood Boudoir Style in 1954


A peek in to milady’s bedroom for some Hollywood boudoir styles in 1954 to see what enchanting attire the stars wear in the privacy of their bedrooms and homes. Janet Leigh prefers a wholesome look in this feminine blue night gown. But don’t forget to rub off that lipstick before bed Janet ! Left: Elizabeth …

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1950s Fashion Color Swatch – Fall Dresses in 1950

Fall Dresses in 1950 - Red Tones

Fall Dresses in 1950 with Color Family Swatch – Fill your wardrobe with these lovely Fall dresses in 1950. Use the Fall Costume Color Family swatches to help you match, blend and contrast. Costume Color families for Fall 1950 is presented by the Costume Color Council. The colors are displayed in such a way that …

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1950s Fashion – Slender Fall Dresses 1953


You’ll want a Slender Dress for Autumn – By Elizabeth Madiera Fashion Editor – Womens Home Companion Fall Dresses 1953 Fashion in 1953 comes to a close, pivot around the narrow silhouette but this fall’s clothes aren’t too straight and strict. Designers have given them a new softness, a flexibility of cut that readies them …

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