Femmes de la France – Liberation 1944 in Color


Women of France – filmed during the liberation of France from Normandy to Paris in 1944 – Very moving and beautiful footage gathered from several sources including one remarkable film by the Hollywood director George Stevens, shot on his personal 16mm camera on Kodachrome. Watch and share ….. More stills from the film Femmes de …

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100,000 US Women measured for 1940s Dress sizes


WPA measures US women up for standard dress sizes – 1940s Fashion Report for Glamourdaze – Jan 1940. USA At the L.Bamberger & Co store in Newark, New Jersey, stylish stouts, junior misses, half size women, extra talls, and all other types of women born equal but definitely not in equal proportion, are now being …

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1940’s Fashion – Spring Frock Parade


1940’s Fashion Parade – Spring Dresses from the 1942 Sears catalog After the cold bitter months of winter, women across America eagerly scanned the juicy spring catalogs for some nice frock inspiration. Here’s a selection of spring dresses from the Sears Catalog of 1942. They were grim times for women at home, many of whom …

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1940’s Top 10 Tips to hiring Women


1940’s Top Ten Tips to hiring Women- Sexist Guide. This patronizing sexist and retrospectively quite funny article was first published in the 1943 edition of Transportation. It dishes out sympathetic advice for the poor ‘male’ supervisor. Women ‘know your limits !’ 1. Give every girl an adequate number of rest periods during the day. You …

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