1940’s African American Women in Photographs


The Photographs of Charles Harris Charles ‘Teenie’ Harris from Pittsburgh USA, is now acknowledged as one of the great photographers of his generation. His documentation of the daily lives of African American women and men in a collection of some 80,000 photographs, is quite simply unique. African American Women of the 1940’s We’ve picked out …

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A Day in the Life – Two Women in the early 1940s

One in wartime Britain, the other in pre-war America 1941 – In late 1941 – quite coincidentally, there were two picture essays of a typical day in the lives of two different women in the 1940s. The first, an American housewife, by the name of Jane Amberg from Kankakee, Illinois.USA. The second, a young British …

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Celebrating Nina Leen – Life Photographer


Exhibition of her surreal and glamorous world – New York art gallery Daniel Cooney Fine Art are launching a unique and I must say ‘overdue’ exhibition of that unique photographer Nina Leen – on March 26th which will run till May16th. Her often conceptual and surreal work should easily fetch the same attention of contemporary …

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