1940s Fashion – Summer Frocks of 1945


Cotton is as welcome as V-Day – Lollipop colours and soft, blurred shades; lean-making stripes and certified checks. Slick office going cottons, trousseau stuff, school-house glamour. We’re awfully proud of ourselves for finding them! You’ll be just a sproud to wear them. Just look at lovely June Allyson, our actress model. She looks proud too …

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1940s Glamour – Betty Grables Legs


Actress legs achieve landmark stature – Life Magazine -June 1943 Other actresses with handsome legs have gone far, but Betty Grable has made the leg a national landmark. At Grauman’s Chinese Theater recently, instead of the traditional signature, Betty doodled a drawing of her legs instead. She is the US forces number one pin-up girl. …

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Vintage Sunglasses – The Coolest Fashion Accessory


Brief History of Sunglasses in Fashion – By the 1930’s, basking in the sun had become such a norm, that the wearing of sunglasses naturally became a real fashion accessory. We explore the history of sunglasses through  the 20th century. The classic tortoise shell framed and tinted sunglasses of the 1930’s were worn by many …

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Film Noir Fashion – a retrospective photoshoot


Photographer revisits femme fatale styles of the 1940s – Just what is it about the allure of those female stars of the 1940s film noir era? Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not, Rita Hayworth in Gilda, Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity, Veronica Lake in Blue Dahlia, Joan Bennett in The Woman in the …

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Celebrating Nina Leen – Life Photographer


Exhibition of her surreal and glamorous world – New York art gallery Daniel Cooney Fine Art are launching a unique and I must say ‘overdue’ exhibition of that unique photographer Nina Leen – on March 26th which will run till May16th. Her often conceptual and surreal work should easily fetch the same attention of contemporary …

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1940s Fashion – White Collar Girls


Daily Wardrobes of Four working women in 1940 – In the early months of 1940 – Photoplay takes a look at the daily dress codes of four typical working girls in the tinsel city of Hollywood land 1.The Fashion Publicist – Daily Wardrobe in 1940 Subject: Eleanore Roberts At Work- During office hours, Eleanore, the perfect …

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1940s Hairstyles – The Sidesweep Craze of 1945


Tilted hats create side-swept hairdos – 1940s hairstyles bend to suit the new hat designs of the mid 1940s Off-to-one-side! It’s the most talked of fashion silhouette for the winter season! here are some of the new side-angled hats and their companion fashions in sideswept hairdos. The hats swing down on one side, and your …

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Hollywood Diets of the Stars – Vintage Secrets


New book reveals secrets of the stars – The Hollywood Diet and Fitness book. In the golden age of Hollywood glamour – before celebrities’ least flattering photos were routinely splashed across tabloid papers – the great stars of the silver screen were portrayed as goddesses – visions of flawlessness. The eating habits and daily fitness …

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