Neiman Marcus Department Store in 1945


The Most Glamorous Department Store in America – Daphne : Where did Mrs. Crane go, anyway? Niles : She’s making her annual pilgrimage to the holy land. Martin : I thought Maris was going to Dallas to visit her sister. Niles : That is her holy land. It’s the site of the first Neiman Marcus. …

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1940s Winter Fashion – Barbara Stanwyck


Winter Hollywood Style by Edith Head 1942 – Well hello to Barbara Stanwyck, who has more than a nodding acquaintance with skis in Columbia’s “You belong to me.” She makes a pretty cover in this bright number for the slopes. Next she does a bit of interior decoration here in a gray gabardine ski suit …

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1940s Fashion – A Day in the Life of a Model


A day with a 1940’s fashion model – And now let’s drop in to the house of England’s number one glamour girl Joan Richards. A 1940’s fashion model, who turns her charm and ability into a business. Joan has a long and busy day ahead, splitting her modelling duty between giving shows for the troops. …

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1940s Fashion – Cigarettes and the Slim Silhouette


When tobacco tied in with 1940s fashion allure – Whilst the War Production Board had begun pushing sensible restrictions in women’s clothing through its L-38 Apparel order, silhouettes had tended toward the slim side in tobacco advertising since the mid 1930s, particularly in Marlboro cigarettes, a brand, though chiefly remembered for its cowboy image of the …

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Top Ten Most Beautiful 1940s Actresses

Gene Tierney -Top Ten Most Beautiful 1940s Women

The Top 1940s Hollywood Beauties – Bearing in mind that the color barrier had yet to be broken, the look of the typical 1940s woman on screen was of course ‘white’. While we have picked our favorites here and not in order of preference or beauty, you will probably feel there were many that should …

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1940s Fashion – Liquid Stockings for Summer


Sheer Stocking Solution in 1940 – When the temperature warms, a woman has three choices when it comes to leg beauty: stockings ( cotton, silk, or the new Nylon); she can go bare legged, or she can paint on a variety of cosmetic liquid stockings. Above are a comparison. To the male eye a pair …

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1940s Hairstyle – Copy The Top Hairdos of 1941


Follow Hollywood’s lead to 1940’s hairdos – 9 Top 1940’s Hairdos to copy. Hairstyles of the likes of Greer Garson, Laraine Day, Lynn Bari, Carole Landis and Eleanor Powell. Victory rolls were just around the corner girls ! Now see the lavishly illustrated concise history of 1940s fashion !! Hats and hairstyles of the 1940’s, …

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Famous 1940s Hollywood Faces and their Make-up


Reference the looks of iconic 1940’s women – In high resolution, a quick peek at some of the most beautiful and iconic female faces in the Hollywood firmament, photographed by some of the greatest photographers of their time. Gazing out at us from the past, with all the red lipstick glamour that the era evokes. What we love …

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Pin Up! The Movie – The All American Girl


Reclaiming the art of the Pin up – We all know the style! – pin curls, wiggle dresses, 1940s era bullet bras, seamed stockings, cat-eyed make-up and redder than red lips! The recent explosion of interest in vintage fashion – in particular the era spanning from the 1930s to the 1950s has brought with it …

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