College Girl Winter Fashion for 1940

College-Fashions-for-Winter-1940 - Priscilla Lane

Priscilla Lane models four outfits – So you’re going to college ! ( left) Doesn’t Priscilla Lane look a dream in this casual all-day-round dress suited for campus and class? The long sleeved crepe blouse is a deep Hunters green crepe, while the Tartan skirt is of smooth wool in shades of green, orange, yellow …

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1940s Fashion – The Wartime Day to Day Frock


Pathe 1940s fashion newsreel from 1943 – In wartime Britain, women had to make do and mend, with severe rationing from coupons and utility clothing a must, the new ethos was to be innovative with your current wardrobe. This Pathe film suggests – a tad optimistically that a girl could get by for a whole …

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1940s War Fashion – Black Women serving in WW11


Rare Images of African American Women in Service – Researched by Barbara Lewis Burger- National US Archives It is difficult enough to find photographs of ordinary African Americans who served in the US Forces in the 1940s, and extraordinarily difficult to find images of women who served, as many thousands did. Most of these photographs …

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1940s American Fashion – Colour Film 1942


Colour 1940s Fashion from AV Geeks & Prelinger Archive – In full colour from 1942 – a full colour 1940s fashion showcase film made by Butterick to promote their war era dress patterns magazine. Digitised and uploaded to the Prelinger Archive by those great collectors of all things educational in old film –  AV Geeks. You can buy …

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1940s Fashion – How to make a Glamorous Turban


British Wartime Tutorial  from 1942 – If you want a new hat, now that hats are rationed, there are ways and means. Turbans are the means and Anne Edwards – fashion editor of Woman shows us some of the ways. Method 1: Having tied the knot on top of the head, you can see how easy …

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1940’s Fashion – America vs Dior New Look 1947


Paris Fashion Rises Again  – After virtual domination for some years by the Americans, there is no better way to sum up the new post-war Paris fashion explosion, and the panic and incredulity which the Dior New Look triggered, than in this defensive fashion review from 1947. Procured from that great archaeologist of all things papery …

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1940s Fashion – Spring College Suits for 1943


Plaids, Checks and Stripes for students – 1940’s fashion report – Marjorie Ripples The styles, the fabrics that are going places this seasons Sears catalog. Concentrating on young women for spring-wear, we see plenty of plaids, checks and stripes. Tried and true cottons you can easily wash and care for in these times of war …

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1940s Fashion – Cool Winter Styles


What dresses to step out in for January 1941 – 1940’s Fashion Report. Three lovely outfits to start with. Like an expensive English classic with its impeccable tailoring, soft wool and cashmere jersey, rib-boned cardigan front. A natural for year round wear. P stands for pinafore dress, pleated ruffs n pockets a-plenty. In other wards …

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