Three One Minute Vintage Beauty Exercises


Amusing 1930s exercises that actually work – The second in a short series of perusals of vintage beauty booklets – this one again from a 1930s beauty booklet by Rose Laird. This comes courtesy of Cosmetics and Skin – whose growing collection of scanned beauty booklets is a treat to browse through. Three One-Minute Exercises …

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Vintage 1930s Tips for Sultry Eye Makeup


Rose Laird beauty booklet 1938 James Bennett over at Cosmetics & Skin has been compiling a fascinating collection of vintage beauty promotional booklets created by famous and infamous cosmetic brands through the 20th century, which we’ll be taking a look at over a few blog posts in the coming weeks, starting with this 1938 booklet …

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Makeup for Blondes – Max Factor Advice in 1935


Blonde Ann Sothern and brunette Marian Nixon – These girls are not pretty by accident, but by habit. They do the right things at the right time and so can you. You too can make beauty a habit ! I don’t know how many dark girls there are in the world. probably a hundred million …

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Simple 1930 Color Harmony Tool

Simple 1930 Color Harmony Tool

Vintage 1920s/1930s color matching guide – These handy little color harmony charts fell out of my copy of The Art of Sewing and Dress Creation, a manual sold with the Sears clothing catalogues in 1929 and 1930. The Brunette Type Your color – Black or brown hair, brown or black eyes, olive skin – Makeup …

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1930s Beauty – Loveliness to Lips and Mouth


Homespun 1930s Beauty advice from 1936 – By Evelyn. It is said that’s mouths are expressive of character: For instance, drooping lips tell a story of discontent; thin lips portray hardness and cruelty; a wide mouth betokens a generous, easy going nature, and so on. Don’t believe all this, but rather that a badly shaped …

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1930s Make-up Class – Night Time Glamour


Make-up magic from 1937 – We have sketched six entirely different make-up types, and for making up the faces and for the blobs of color showing the correct tints for you to apply, we have used the actual cosmetics – lipsticks, eye-shadow and nail polish. A. Sun Tanned Girl – an average summer type for …

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1930s Fashion – Winter Style January 1932


Ruth Hall models latest mid winter fashion and beauty – 1930s Beauty report from Carolyn Van Wyck Already crowned Miss 1932, all the fashion periodicals are falling over themselves to photograph and dress the lovely Ruth Hall. Here she models two smart mid winter ensembles for Glamourdaze. Firstly to the left, for the cold January …

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1930s New Years Beauty Tips


1932 Hollywood beauty tricks  – 1930s Beauty Report from Carolyn Van Wyck Our roving time travelling fashion reporter Carolyn dishes the beauty news from New Years Eve 1932. Will Joan Bennett‘s adoption of the beauty spot bring about a renaissance of its popularity? It’s often a fascinating accent for the right social occasion. Slightly extended eyebrows …

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Hollywood Beauty School – Christmas 1934


All the stars beauty tricks for this December – 1930s beauty report by Carolyn Van Wyck. Going to the movies is a pretty good way to pick up some make-up tips. And the chapter on first glances is important at this time because so many girls are embarking on new episodes. Hollywood likes to give …

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1930s Fashion – Winter Modes of 1938


Corseted suits and stylish felt hats from Britain – Hollywood Style Report by Gwen Walters. Left:Jeanette MacDonald leads off on our feature posing in this stunning frost pink evening ensemble from her personal wardrobe. The slipper satin jacket conceals the softly draped bodice of the flowing chiffon gown. Miss MacDonalds cape is of silver fox. …

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