Lipstick Glamour – The History of Lip Makeup

Lipstick Glamour – The History of Lip Makeup A little digging into the history of that popular makeup accessory. While lip rouging has been around for centuries, like the Japanese Komachi beni lip makeup. Lip makeup entered mass production after becoming widely popular when the Lipstick was invented (purportedly) by Maurice Levy in 1915 a …

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1920’s Makeup Tutorial


The Art of 1920’s makeup and beauty. A 1920’s makeup tutorial. If you’re planning a Gatsby themed party, or just want to release the flapper within you. Here are some resources, tutorials and videos for you to watch. Learn how to achieve that iconic 1920’s makeup flapper look. 1. Our Original flappers guide to 1920’s …

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1920’s fashion – History of Makeup


Head over also to a Full tutorial on 1920’s Makeup  Don’t miss 1920’s Fashion – Womens Dress and Style The Complete 1920s Make-up & Beauty Guide [ Instant download]. The heavily made-up look of the 1920s was a reaction to the demure, feminine style of the pre-war period.In the 1920s, an international beauty culture was …

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