1920’s Fashion – Paul Poiret vs The Flapper Girl

a young flapper poseing in 1922 - Bain Collection

The Flapper Girl Referendum in 1922 The last thirty days have witnessed a spectacle as astounding, as momentous, as far reaching as any of the episodes that have shaken the Earth’s foundations and caused mankind to stop, look and listen. A revolution has occurred of greater significance than the French revolution, the Russian revolution or …

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Screen Debut of the Little Black Dress 1927


In the movie It (1927), Hollywood’s biggest star Clara Bow turned the little black dress into an iconic staple wardrobe item for women. Clara Bow – the It girl, launches an iconic dress  It’s commonly accepted that the little black dress made it’s first appearance via Paris designer Coco Chanel in French Vogue 1926. It …

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Hollywood stars step out in furs for Christmas – 1928


It’s all  furs for winter 1928 – Almost everyone can scare up a thrill for Christmas – it means snappy, healthy weather, beautiful foxy furs, perfumes, violets, theatres and candlelight. There is something bewitching about the dark hours of winter and the Christmas atmosphere – and every woman plans her winter wardrobe for this delightfully colorful season. …

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1920s Fashion Animation


An animated vintage fashion feature We came across a charming 1920s fashion ‘sticker’ book for children recently. Packed full of delightful and historically accurate digital depictions of key 1920s clothing. Created by Usborne Publishing – an innovative publisher for children. You can have fun dressing these dolls in a Coco Chanel wardrobe, for a Paris …

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1920s Style – How to be a Party Girl.

HOW to be the girl who is always invited; how to always have a date ; how to get out of the corner and into the spotlight, this problem confronts every girl. But popularity isn’t a mystic thing. Its rules are simple and easily mastered. The secrets of social success and glamour from Carolyn Van …

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