Vintage 1950s Makeup Tutorial Film

1950s Full Makeup Tutorial – How to achieve a satin clean skin and makeup look to bring out all your natural feminine beauty. Makeup is a study in itself ! You’ll want not only to know how but when to use it. For instance – you wouldn’t any more go to school wearing mascara and eye shadow and lipstick than…

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Evolution Of Women’s Skincare

A Short History on Skin – By Jane Thomas Back in the early days of the 20th century, most women relied on one or two products or food ingredients to keep their skin looking its best. These vintage skincare routines have been passed down through generations, and some women still use some of the same techniques to keep their skin clean…

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Max Factor – The Art of 1950s Eye Makeup

Eye cosmetic tips from Max Factor- How to make up small eyes With Eyebrow pencil, draw a fine line just above and just below the lashes of the upper and lower lids. Soften this line by blending with the fingertip until it becomes a shadow. This brings the eye into greater relief, magnifying its size. Apply Mascara to the lashes….

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1950s Makeup – Autumn Beauty Tints

Some glowing tips for Fall Beauty in 1959 – A warm and glowing complexion and hair brought to sparkling new life with subtle tints and rinses will put you vividly into glamour this autumn season. Try the effectiveness of this luminous autumn look by experimenting with the make-up colors suggested here. Brunettes with pale skin and hazel eyes. Your autumn…

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1950s British Fashion Show in Color 1951

An Evening of Fashion – Savoy Hotel London 1951 Pathe fashion newsreel in luscious color. Includes an exclusive peek backstage during the show. Let’s join the stars, celebrities and Britains top fashion designers. The occasion, a mannequin parade with a difference. Beginning beautifully by this Worth model Rolande, exhibiting this banana coloured facecloth dinner dress, heavily embroidered in topaz, pearls…

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1950s Makeup – Color Harmony in 1951

Color charts for make-up hair and clothes 1951 – 1950s makeup tutorial from Carolyn Earle Bright ideas in 1950s makeup and effective use of costume colors accentuate your good looks and compliment each other. In this post are four complexion types – blonde, brunette, brownette, and titian – together with color suggestions that you can make your own or use…

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1950s Makeup Tips for Teenagers

Vintage Face Correction Tips in 1959 – 1950s beauty report by Carolyn Earle New Look for your eyes Make-up was made for the girl with small or problem eyes which need help to gain attention. Light make-up used as shown above removes dark shadows. A touch of light make-up under the brows makes them look wide apart. Deep set eyes…

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Lets Make-up – 1950’s Style !

1950s Makeup Retrospective by Naomi J. Shaw – for Glamourdaze. Poodle skirts, pin-up girls, and winged eyeliner! The 1950s were a time of retro fun and fashion that still drive undercurrents today with nostalgia for the “good old days” of American bandstand music at the local diner or  drive-in movie theatre. Fifties fashion and makeup is classic and elegant, and many…

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Trip to a Beauty Salon in 1950

Gala of London Store in the Burlington Arcade Shop – What happens when you get a facial ? – Britannia and Eve April 1950 – A facial is a luxury that many busy women keep “on ice”. A thing to do when she has time. But is it really worth the time to visit a beauty salon? I’d say it…

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French Eyes – Doe-eyed look takes world by storm in 1950

Move over Lipstick – Eye make-up is the big beauty news in 1950 – As the world bid farewell to the 1940s, Life Magazine looks at the new French import of the doe-eye or “L’oeil de biche” ( eye of a deer) make-up look of 1950 – WHEN word came from Paris earlier this year that French models were wearing…

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